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Confidential invoice trading

(and no this is not factoring!)

We view long dated invoices as an asset you can leverage to provide cashflow to grow your business. This is the key to business finance, especially for service businesses who would love to have a business overdraft that grows as the business grows without the uncertainty and stress.

In Australia many ambitious businesses can’t reach their potential because banks won’t provide business finance or business overdrafts without real estate backing. Where do you go if you have no more equity in your house? Banks typically cannot provide meaningful unsecured cashflow based business finance or business overdrafts to most Australian businesses.

Many of Australia's most promising small to medium sized companies have large slow-paying customers: Government entities, ASX listed companies, large multi-national corporations, educational and healthcare institutions, etc.  You know they are going to pay: it’s just going to take a while, 45, 60, 90 days… Meanwhile, growth is on hold which is incredibly frustrating.

InvoiceX is unique in Australia: confidential, flexible, transparent invoice trading.
No lock-ins, set-up fees or termination fees.

We offer the best deal of its kind in Australia.  Check-out your best deal here.

Business finance has now caught up with the new sharing economy, which has introduced the likes of Uber and AirBnB. Through our Match Maker Trading Platform, we match sophisticated investor funds with growing Australian companies on the best terms possible, ensuring the best possible deal for both parties.

Why is invoice trading so much better than traditional business finance such as business overdrafts and so different from factoring?

Uniquely for invoice finance, our invoice trading platform provides business finance which is confidential and only needs to be used on an as-needed basis. 

Unlike traditional factoring, the funding is totally undisclosed, the terms are fair and transparent, it’s all done online at speeds that would embarrass your bank.

Unlike business overdraftsthis form of business finance doesn’t require you to put down security in the form of real estate.

You are in control to trade invoices when you want, on your terms, single invoices or bundles of invoices.

For ambitious businesses this is a powerful business finance tool, which turbo-charges growth.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have many happy customers Australia-wide who swear by our revolutionary model. Confidential invoice trading works.

For a more detailed comparison, click here or pick the phone and ask us.

How does invoice trading provide business finance to solve your cashflow challenges?

Invoice trading is a simple and efficient business finance method of streamlining your cash flow and securing regular, reliable income. It provides the same flexibility as a business overdraft.

When a business enters into an agreement with an invoice trading company, it agrees to sell unpaid accounts receivable invoices to that company but only those that it wishes to sell. Importantly, invoice trading does not involve borrowing money or taking out a loan.

While there are fees involved – namely, the discount charge and the processing fee – it’s important to remember that this form of business finance doesn’t require you to put down security in the form of real estate, unlike most business overdrafts, and you know exactly how much it will cost.

With invoice trading as your business finance tool, funds can be deposited into your account within 24 hours, and you can go about setting your business on the path to further growth and success.

What businesses can benefit from using our invoice trading platform for their business finance?

Many different businesses, regardless of their size, scope or industry, can benefit from business finance provided by our invoice trading platform. If your organisation has large slow-paying customers and would like to improve the regularity and consistency of its cash flow, our invoice trading platform may well be a good option for your business finance needs.

Growth-oriented companies can use the cash income of invoice trading to provide the required business finance to expand further into the marketplace. Start-ups can use our invoice trading platform to stay afloat during difficult periods when business finance is hard to find. Companies with tax problems, or that are unable to secure other forms of business finance, can also take advantage of our invoice trading platform.

There is a common misconception that invoice finance is only for weak or unstable businesses that urgently need an injection of cash and cannot access business finance. This is not the case but it is a perception that has developed to a large degree because of the reputation of factoring.

Profitable and well-established organisations can use invoice trading to achieve greater cash flow stability and solve their business finance needs on fair terms.

For a business to be eligible for invoice trading as their business finance solution, it simply needs to have current and undisputed invoices from blue-chip debtors. Only one customer? Not a problem, InvoiceX may still be able to provide you with the funding you need.

What are the problems with traditional invoice finance and factoring that InvoiceX’s invoice trading platform avoids in solving your business finance needs?

Quite rightly, factoring has a poor reputation. Here are some of the biggest issues, all of which are kicked into touch by our invoice trading platform:


  1. All of your debtors: customers must enter into whole turnover invoice financing arrangements, not single invoice finance, to avoid penal rates
  2. Lack of confidentiality: the business finance provider takes control of all of your customer collections
  3. Expensive: ongoing monthly minimum services fees, high arrangement fees, unclear terms, lower availability of finance than advertised due to concentration limits and lack of co-operation by debtors
  4. Unfair contracts: traditional business finance contracts for invoice finance usually involve contractual lock-ins with long notice periods which in many cases make it exceptionally difficult for the customer to terminate the contract
  5. Unreliable: credit lines can reduce with no notice at the whim of the business finance provider
  6. Clunky: often lacking in innovation, traditional invoice-based business finance products tend to be inflexible to your needs
  7. Very slow: traditional invoice-based business finance firms usually only allow you to raise cash once a week and they take their time to allocate payments against invoices costing you much more than the headline finance rate.

This really needs to change!

Uniquely, InvoiceX through our invoice trading platform provides confidential funding and you can use it on an as-needed basis. Unlike traditional factoring, the funding is totally undisclosed, the terms are fair and transparent, it’s all done online at speeds that would embarrass your bank or traditional invoice-based business finance companies. And you only pay for what you use.

You are in control to trade invoices when you want, on your terms, single invoices or bundles of invoices.

It’s the way business finance should work.

How can InvoiceX meet my business finance needs?

InvoiceX prides itself on being able to offer your business invoice financing terms that are flexible and tailored to your individual needs. Most importantly, we offer a price beat guarantee.

While other invoice financing companies may place strict limitations on ledger concentration levels, InvoiceX does not require your organisation to have a wide variety of clients. Furthermore, InvoiceX does not impose set-up fees, minimum terms or exit fees on our invoice financing facilities. This means you will not be locked into any unfair or excessive contracts.

Unlike conventional invoice-based business finance, InvoiceX allows you to maintain control of your accounting, collection and administration functions.

Above all, the team at InvoiceX works hard to deliver the highest quality customer service. We won’t just help your business achieve the financing it needs. We will go above and beyond to ensure you achieve the results you desire. In a world of large impersonal corporations, it is this commitment that helps us stand out from the crowd. We are passionate about helping businesses grow.

Invoice Trading at a glance:

  • You deliver the product or service to your client
  •  An invoice is sent to both the client and InvoiceX
  • You also send us the Purchase Order/Contract and Proof of Acceptance of the goods/service provided to the client (email to you, supplier portal etc)
  • The trade is executed and confirmed to you in real time online with simple, clear fees detailed for that trade
  • We’ll advance typically as much as 80% of the value of the invoice to your bank account in 24 hours
  • The customer pays the invoice to a bank account in your name controlled by InvoiceX
  • The remaining 20% (minus a small fee) is transferred to you same day – unheard of in traditional invoice-based business finance!

If you think invoice trading is right for the needs of your organisation, contact InvoiceX today by calling 1300 IX GROWTH or emailing Opening an account is easy and free.