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Completely Confidential

Your invoices are your asset to leverage, so there’s no reason why selling them should mean selling your reputation along with it. So we keep all transactions completely confidential. It lets you keep invoices in your name, to follow up as you see fit - and that lets you stay in control of your client relationship. We even give the option of buying the invoice back so you can limit your exposure if something should go wrong. So you can relax about hurting your reputation, and concentrate on building it. 


Ridiculously Fast 

With a growing business, the last thing you have time to do is chase finance and deal with the admin that goes with it. We get that, so everything we do is aimed at getting you sorted, faster. That starts with a yes/no pre-approval over the phone in just minutes, with zero paperwork. After that we’ll have your account set up online in as little as a couple of hours and get you fully operational the next working day. It all adds up to no fuss and more time to focus on growing your business. We understand that in your situation time really is money. 

Conveniently Simple

We’re not like other investors or finance options who want to lock you into capital on their terms. We do things differently by offering no lock-ins and complete freedom to choose which invoices you want paid forward and which you’re happy to keep on existing terms. And we make it simple. In fact, once you get started it takes just a few clicks to unlock the capital you need, when you need it. It’s this little difference that gives you the freedom to grow on your terms, not ours. 


Starting with InvoiceX is easy

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Customer base: large corporates and government entities


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