IX allows you to trade your invoices online confidentially – a much better alternative to factoring

IX is Australia’s first and largest confidential invoice trading platform.

Improved pricing of risk

Invoice trading on IX enables access to selective invoice finance in one centralised marketplace. We offer investors a new way to trade invoices.

Before, invoices were traded between customers and companies based on locked-in pre-determined contracts and prices.

But with IX, our customers may sell their invoices or receivables to many investors, driving down the cost of funding.

A key advantage of this is that sophisticated investors are better able to price invoices, particularly on an invoice by invoice basis, and diversify their portfolio.

Investors who know more about you

Each invoice uploaded to trade is assessed individually by IX investors, thereby enabling better pricing of invoices.

IX investors cover a diverse range of expertise. It means that when an invoice is posted on our platform, many of our buyers will have greater understanding of your business, industry and debtors than a traditional finance provider by drawing upon their experience of specific sectors and familiarity with firms based in different regions.

The IX difference

IX is very different to factoring, the main alternative to date. Our three main advantages are flexibility, cost and confidentiality.

  • Flexibility:
    • IX enables you to sell the invoices that you want, when you want
    • Unlike traditional invoice discounting, there is no obligation to discount your entire debtor ledger, and no lengthy lock-in periods
    • As you grow, your access to cashflow grows
  • Cost:
    • It is lower cost, because by only selling selected invoices you avoid expensive arrangement fees and monthly service charges
    • By building up a track record of successful invoice trades in the marketplace you drive down your cost of funding as investor buyers compete more keenly for your business
  • Confidentiality:
    • IX puts you back in control of your cash flow without your customers knowing