MORE jobs are available this year than last

Looks who’s hiring

Melanie Burgess reveals the roles which have the most vacancies

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DIVERSE FIELD: Newly qualified nurse Kate Raison.

MORE jobs are available this year than last in seven of the workforce’s eight occupational groups as the jobs market experiences growth of 8.2 per cent.

The latest Internet Vacancy Report, which measures online job listings, outlines 157,312 vacancies. It reveals all occupational groups bar the machinery operator and driver segment (down 2.4 per cent) have more job vacancies than 12 months earlier.

Randstad employment market analyst Steve Shepherd says job confidence is heading in the right direction.

“We’re seeing changes in jobseeker optimism,” he says. “The job market is definitely improving . . . not earth shattering but an improvement.”

ANZ research, meanwhile, reveals 144,559 newspaper and online job ads were listed each week in April, putting the seasonally adjusted figures at their highest level in 2 ½ years.

The Internet Vacancy Index reveals the top five occupation groups for employment prospects.


Representing more than a quarter of Australia’s job vacancies are the 40,715 professional jobs up for grabs – 9.2 per cent more than last year. ICT workers – such as database administrators, web developers and programmers – top the list with 9500 vacancies (up 14.6 per cent). Architects and transport and design professionals are enjoying the greatest increase, jumping 33.2 per cent to 2468 vacancies, followed by medical practitioners and nurses, up 25.8 per cent to 4569.


Corporate manager jobs account for almost half of the 20,432 management vacancies (9108), increasing by 4.1 per cent in the past year. Farmers and farm managers have the greatest growth, up 50.3 per cent.


There are 27,704 vacancies (up 10.2 per cent) in this group, led by general inquiry clerks, call centre operators and receptionists, which account for 45 per cent or 12,465 vacancies. Hays Quarterly Report for April to June 2015 highlights the demand for temporary roles.

“There is a huge need for professional temps with extensive reception experience, especially in the booming construction and property industries ,” it says.


Engineering, ICT and science technicians make up 4338 of the 19,877 vacancies within the technicians and trade worker occupational group.

This is the largest set of occupations and the result of a 7.7 per cent increase in the past year. Construction trades are showing the greatest vacancy growth at 27.7 per cent (2842 vacancies).


There are 15,749 vacancies for sales workers, including 9065 for sales assistants and salespersons alone.