Why is InvoiceX's marketplace invoice finance very different from conventional invoice finance? And much better value?

We're focused on providing growth capital to Australia's ambitious businesses where one their biggest hurdles is cashflow to grow. We're taking a 4,000 year old financing model and turning it on its head - invoice finance.

Invoice finance can be confusing. We don't believe it should be. That's why we offer our clients a simple, transparent facility - no lock-ins, hidden fees, set-up fees or termination fees. Trade your invoices when it suits you on your terms.

Sometimes, our product can be confused with Single Invoice Finance, Selective Invoice Finance or Spot Factoring as increasingly offered by traditional invoice finance firms.

We seem to offer the same product but we don't. Our fee levels are lower and we operate confidentially and quickly.

We have yet to find any other invoice finance solution in Australia that offers better, simpler terms, confidentially.

The more you use our product, the lower the fees. In stark contrast to traditional providers, you do not need to enter into a long term contract with us to access volume discounts.

Please call us and we can tell you why ambitious Australian businesses are very happy to find us.

Here's a recent UK comparison:



Here's a recent example from a traditional invoice finance firm - read the bit about the negatives:

UK single invoice