Confidential Invoice Trading

We offer our business customers the equivalent of an on demand line of credit. It is secured by one or more outstanding sales invoices, not real estate.

We connect investors with growing businesses with high-quality receivables to convert into capital to grow confidentially. Our Match Maker Trading Platform™ rapidly matches investors with businesses, optimising the deal for both parties.

Key Benefits

Manage your cash flow confidentially and flexibly

  • Easy access to additional finance via our simple online application
  • Gain fast access to invoice funds owed within one business day confidentially
  • Submit only the invoices you would like funding against: offer just one invoice or any number of invoices at any given time - it's your choice
  • Manage seasonal and other cashflow fluctuations

Fast and easy to access

  • We provide a yes/no pre-approval to new customers over the phone in just minutes, with zero paperwork
  • After that we’ll have your account set up online in as little as 20 minutes and get you fully operational the next working day
  • View and manage within our online Match Maker Trading Platform™
  • Receive assistance from our Australia-based customer service team and access senior decision-makers as required

Less administration

  • Spend less time chasing your customers for payment, more time on your business



  • Our flexible fee structure allows you to choose the funding period. The shorter the period, the cheaper the finance
  • Typically, you'll pay between 1-3% of the face value of your traded invoice, and this goes down the more you use us – check out our Best Deal Calculator
  • Only two fees are charged on each trade and you will approve these in advance of trading:
    • Processing Fee: a transaction fee which we charge for arranging the sale of an invoice. It is calculated as a fixed percentage of the invoice face value and is payable on final settlement.
    • Discount Fee: the fee which investors receive as a result of their purchase of an invoice. It is charged as a percentage of the face value of an invoice. It accrues daily up to settlement of the invoice with investors.
  • No sign-up fees
  • No hidden fees or minimum contract periods: no minimum fees, no non-usage fees or re-activation fees, no lock-ins