In an industry first, InvoiceX has published its full investment book as part of its push for greater transparency in Australian SME finance.

The investment book contains anonymised data on more than $6.5 million of invoice trades from the platform’s launch on 20 November 2014 to 31 December 2015.

During this period, InvoiceX facilitated 201 trades for SMEs with an average trade face value of $33,098, weighted average discount fee of 1.17% per calendar month and average settlement period of 35 days. Larger trade values of close to $200,000 in the last three months of 2015 saw average trade face value increase to $44,133.

We want to ensure that all business owners in Australia who are eager to grow have access to transparent and fair finance which puts the rights of borrowers at the centre of the lending process.

The data is available publicly for anyone by completing the form below and will be updated regularly.


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Alternative finance (P2P and marketplace lending) is great news for Australian businesses that are under-served by banks and needs much more direct support from Government
Government should set up an Australian Business Bank to accelerate the development of SME finance through funding and vetting
It should be mandatory for banks that decline loan applications to refer applicants to a Panel of Alternative Finance providers
Business advisers, accountants and brokers have an important role to play in helping SMEs access alternative finance
Transparency builds trust - all finance providers should fully disclose their charges to enable easy comparisons to be made by borrowers and advisers